Application Process & Forms

How do you become eligible to participate in College Credit Plus Program?

STEP 1: Decide if participation is in your best interest. 
This should be an individual decision for each student. Discuss with your parents, teacher, or counselor, they know you best and can help you make a good decision. If you are interested in one of the West Muskingum High School Campus options, register for the class through the scheduling process.

STEP 2: Complete the Letter of Intent Form 
The letter of intent can be found at the following link: INTENT TO PARTICIPATE FORM  or you may complete the paper copy available during the mandatory College Credit Plus meetings in March. 

STEP 3: Apply to the College/University 
You must fulfill all of the college/university requirements to earn college credit. 
Ohio University Zanesville     deadline to apply is May 1, 2016 
Zane State College                   deadline to apply is (TBA)
    Step A: All students interested in participating must first apply . There is no cost to apply. 
    Step B: Students must demonstrate college readiness by submitting qualifying ACT/SAT or COMPASS/ACCUPLACER placement scores corresponding to the courses for which they intend to register. 
      *WMHS IS OFFERING THE ACCUPLACER ON MARCH 24TH. Students must notify their Counselor if they wish to                 Register for Accuplacer testing by MARCH 18th.  It will be administered at WMHS in the morning.  

    *Students interested in OUZ and taking the COMPASS must contact OUZ to schedule a testing appointment 
  Step C: Complete the College Application Form and return the completed form, signed by student and parents/guardians, to your counselor by May 1st . 

STEP 4: Complete College Admission and Orientation Process
Once students receive their mailed letter of acceptance from the college students will have to attend a mandatory orientation session. Students must attend even if they do not plan on taking college courses until 2nd semester.  At orientation, all aspects of the program and course registration will be discussed.  

STEP 5: Registering for courses and ordering books
Students will need to schedule and appointment with their CCP Adviser as soon as possible to register for courses. 

Students are responsible for the following:
        - Meeting high school graduation requirements.  
       Students-Athletes must meet OHSAA eligibility requirements.  
        Students must maintain full time status at either the high school, college or a combination of campuses.  

Students are expected to have their text books/course materials for the first day of class.  Students are responsible for meeting with the WMHS Librarian to get Course Resources such as text books.  

Students are required that books purchased/checked out be turned to the WMHS Librarian at the conclusion of the course.  The district will charge full price of the textbooks if they are not returned.  

Zane State College

CCP Adviser: Paul Young
(740) 588-1225 
Accuplacer Testing:

ACT Subscores                Accuplacer Subscores
English    18                                80
Reading   21                               88
Math        22                              * 67

Ohio University Zanesville

CCP Adviser: Jason Howard
(740) 588-1439

ACT Subscores

Compass Subscores